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Arrival in New Zealand

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Arriving at the SFO international terminal on Friday morning to catch my flight to LAX and connection to Aukland, I notice the SFO->LAX flight is run by American Airlines rather than Qantas which means the flight will certainly not be on time. Long and boring story short is that the flight to LAX is delayed by 3 hours which is tolerable since I have an 8 hour layover. I spend my time in Los Angeles with Steve for dinner and billiards.
On the flight from LAX to Aukland I discover that at least wine is free with dinner. I do not feel like drinking cocktails so I never found out if this policy applies past dinner or to real drinks which is a shame since I cannot seem to sleep for the entire flight. We land in Aukland, and I decide to head into town to get situated and determine my next steps. This is a mistake Aukland is like somebody who’s been married and living in the suburbs for a little too long — there are nice features and interesting things to know, though you know they’re really dead inside.


I leave Aukland as quickly as I can for Wellington since the city sounds more interesting. I am right and the city is really nice with a lot of different neighborhoods with at least some character. I secure permits to visit Kapiti Island about 45km North of Wellington and 5km out to sea and Sunday night I have my first sleep since Friday morning in San Francisco. I take the train to Paraparaumu and walk the final 3.5km from the train/bus station to Barnacles Seaside Inn arriving well after closing time. I had foreseen this possibility earlier and called ahead to ensure I could get in.

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