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Mendocino Woodlands

February 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After a delicious fresh crab benedict (Dorothy’s Revenge) breakfast from Eggheads in Fort Bragg, Jason and I headed to The Outdoor Store across the street to see if we could find a map for nearby Jackson State Forest. The proprietor of the shop, Kate, was extremely helpful and awesome — if you’re ever bicycling, hiking, or just in Fort Bragg and need some outdoor equipment then you should go. She sold me the last map she had for the park and made several hiking suggestions. The nicest sounding hike was the Mendocino Woodlands inside the park.


We arrived at Mendocino Woodlands State Park and discovered we had been there before. Jason and I had been there for an event called ‘Springtime for Jesus’ years ago and Jason more recently for a wedding. Upon arrival at the gate we stopped to determine the closest trail and a nice woman came out to ask us if we were lost. As we pulled out our map we told her we were not lost at all and she got visibly excited that a couple of folks have shown up in the off season that actually knew what they were doing. She pointed us toward the Forest History Trail which sounded nice so we drove about half a mile and started hiking.

The trail was fairly easy, even with my fully loaded pack, with only 800 or so feet of vertical climb to the top. Near the top we went off trail down Manlly Gulch and back to the starting point.


Along the way, we mostly took pictures of mushrooms. This got me very excited to know more about mushrooms and I spent the evening looking at pictures in a book where we were staying and trying to figure out what we found from there. I pretty much failed to identify anything.

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