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Mori Ridge Ascent

February 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On 2010-02-07, Jason and I decided to locate a trail he found on Google Maps satellite view up to the Sweeny Ridge. I brought a fully loaded pack for exercise and practice. We meandered about in Carnonymous in the Northern outskirts of Pacifica for a while climbing the hill twice near Fairway Park on foot only to find the end of the both path before reaching the trails observed on Google Maps.

We found a new and likelier way up the hill a little South of our location and a little North of Pacifica. We traveled back and forth a couple of times before determining the sign labeled ‘Orchids’ was our route to hiking bliss. To get there yourself, head South on 1 from San Francisco, make a U-turn at the light in Pacifica, go past the police station and take the next right at the ‘Orchids’ sign. Up there we found a parking lot and the Mori Ridge trail.


The Mori Ridge trail is about a straight 800 foot climb to the Sweeny Ridge and then another 260 foot climb along Sweeny Ridge to the Nike Missle Radar Station which is a deserted and depressing construct from the cold war era.

We hung out taking pictures and exploring the summit until dusk and headed back down the hill with headlamp lights.

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