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Karaoke in Caspar

April 9th, 2010 No comments
Locals singing their hearts out

Locals singing their hearts out

A little after midnight, Jason and I decide to see what nightlife exists around Mendocino. We check out the hotel in Mendocino which looks closed. Next door is a bar called “Dick’s Place” which has half a dozen older men sitting around watching baseball — this is not the nightlife we are looking for.

We head North to Caspar where there is a roadhouse. I spot a few heads in the place and we go in. Inside is a fine bar has about a dozen younger men and women. The crowd is all locals and they are all at various points of inebriation from mildly tipsy to falling over drunk.
The owner and barkeep – Bobby – is a youthful 53 years old he claims and is a refugee from San Francisco. He is entertaining and likes Blanton’s bourbon. On this fine Wednesday night, his wife is running a karaoke show. I fill in a card to sing “Just a Gigolo” in the style of David Lee Roth and within minutes am singing on the stage. After my performance, Bobby accuses me of being a ringer from SF to steal the whole show. Before leaving, he tells us to come back any time and informs us that this Friday the roadhouse will be filled with hot cougars looking to swing dance. Looks like we have something for Friday.

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Russian Gulch Falls

April 9th, 2010 No comments

Jason and I meet a little after 9:00, grab a huge breakfast at the Pork Store Haight. Our waitress there is insanely cute and maintains a bright disposition at all times during our breakfast. We finish our breakfast and head out toward Mendocino. Yesterday I agreed to join Jason to Mendocino for a few days of hiking and even though I have some phone calls scheduled for this week and my window of opportunity to do my OSDV volunteer work is closing fast given the job offers currently lying on the table.
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