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Russian Gulch Falls


Jason and I meet a little after 9:00, grab a huge breakfast at the Pork Store Haight. Our waitress there is insanely cute and maintains a bright disposition at all times during our breakfast. We finish our breakfast and head out toward Mendocino. Yesterday I agreed to join Jason to Mendocino for a few days of hiking and even though I have some phone calls scheduled for this week and my window of opportunity to do my OSDV volunteer work is closing fast given the job offers currently lying on the table.


We eventually arrive in Fort Bragg from 20, then Mendocino for coffee, and finally at our hosts’ home nestled on a back road between the two. Since the daylight is quickly leaving, we head over to an easement which connects to the Russian Gulch and a 6 mile round trip to the waterfall which traverses a pygmy forest as well as a coastal redwood forest.
I have my trusty REI Venturi 30 on my back for this trip which I I have grown to appreciate the more I use it. The pack has a large main compartment with a water bladder holder, an accessory compartment, a small top pouch, two mesh pouches, two small hip pockets, and to the best of my ability to tell, trekking pole holders.
Everything for the trip, other than my laptop, was safely stowed away in this medium size technical day pack. This includes my clothing, wool extremity warmers, GPS, camera, headlamp, Leatherman, LED flashlight, tripod, notepad, hat, mushroom hunting guide, and some tasty San Francisco water.


The majority of the pack itself is held a few inches away from my body by a small internal frame to keep air flowing over my back while hiking. The pack is so well balanced when on my body that there is almost no pressure from the shoulder straps — most of the weight winds up on the hips.

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