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Whiskey brined bacon

July 5th, 2010 1 comment

I recently took up making bacon as a hobby since bacon is awesome, and homemade bacon is super duper awesome. The two recipes described below are the second iteration in making a whiskey themed bacon.


For both recipes, I start with 3 pounds of pork belly obtained from a local meat market. Pork belly is usually available at a large butcher though you may want to call ahead and make sure they have it or will get it for you on a particular date. Upon arrival at home, I salted the pork with a light sprinkling of kosher salt. I do not use nitrates on the pork because after the brining and smoking, I freeze the pork slicing it prior to use. If you will be storing without refrigeration, consider nitrates. If you do not like to eat pig skin, you might want to remove that now since the whiskey will penetrate more thoroughly without it.

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